Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Let's Hug It Out, Bitch.

TANK'S QUICKY REMINDER! -- dont become a mail boy at corporate company.

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Well I’m back, I finally did it…finally done with my second blog and were gonna start it off with something real ill.
*Lil thought of mine”…Now I just want to say instead of us guys getting in to fist fights, getting in to “beefs”, or shooting up your enemy’s mothers house when we get into a diference of opinion why cant we just work it out in a simple grown up gentleman manor. Lets aim for a simple grown up conversation where the two sides equally get time to explain there views and opinions. And then if it gets a lil heated or to the point where there is a minor argument and some hollering/cursing/telling each other to “fuck your mother!” then it can be resolved with a friendly hug out. Watch the example given by Ari:
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I want this shirt…

Speaking of one of the/my most favorite shows of all time, Entourage (SHAMLESS PLUG ALERT!- Sundays at 9 pm on HBO.- SHAMLESS PLUG ALERT!), if you have seen the show you know why it is such a classic show. One of those main reason is Emmy award winning Actor Jeremy Piven who plays Ari Gold, a quick tempered sarcastic remarks coming out his brown hole workaholic of a agent for the shows main character. Now he’s comic gold (no pun) in the fact of his ridiculous and foul mouthed raves and how he goes off on his homosexual Asian assistant Lloyd. Trust me the dude is classic, also one of my favorite things about the show is how every time Ari is in a situation or is entering/exiting his office they always play an bangin Hip Hop track during that scene, such as: “Microphone Fiend” by Rakim, “Don’t Say Nutin” by the Roots, “Since They Wanna Know” by Obie Trice, “Roc the Mic” by Beanie Sigel & Freeway, “BOB” by OutKast, “Tell me When To Go” by E-40, etc. Def a good addition to the show, I guess Mark Wahlberg has some input on the music direction since he is the show’s executive producer. Enuff yapping about Entourage I’m sure I’ll be blogging about the show in later posts.

Anyways I’m def going to be jumping around to many different topics on the next fw posts cause I have a few different thoughts, ideas, brainstorms, and psychotic thoughts that I have been brewing in my head for the past few days, so watch out every few days I might have another post up.

One of those ideas is doing a few Top 10 lists, very random and about any subject. So fuckin “A” let’s go-

Top 10 Most underrated & Underappreciated MC’s (Rappers for you MTV TRL viewers)
1. Talib Kweli – def a simple pick and a no brainer, when you been doing it so hard year after year, song after song you got to be, cd sales or not, one of the Top MC’s in the game. Also it’s kind of ill when Young Hov says he wants to rap like you in one of his songs.
2. Black Thought – now Mr. Trotter has been putting it down since like ’92, with all his heart, soul, sweat, and tears and he has always reflected that in his rhymes. He is one of the innovators and originators (with ?uesto) of the Hip Hop & Soul Band. So all you emo rock guys and MTV faithfuls, Gym Class Heroes would not even be here with out Mr. Trotter & Company.
3. Brother Ali – just got 2 things to say, get past the fact that he is a albino white guy ( whut?! wholly…! ooohhh ahhhh okay now settle down children), and check out his past 3 cd’s including his new one, The Undisputed Truth, and tell me he isn’t one of the Top MC’s.
4. Obie Trice – Real name, no gimmicks bitch. Obie always seems to rip a new asshole out of every song he’s on, and represents Detroit well on his own, without the White Boy behind him.
5. Murs – Murs For President 2007, those two albums with 9th Wonder are all you need to see how much talent and story telling ability this guy has. Plus he’s better than your Favorite Rapper’s Rapper.
6. GZA – I always thought that behind the enormous talent, wordplay, and in your face-ness of Method Man as a successful solo artist away from Wu-Tang, that The Genius is one of the tightest, smartest, and purest lyricists out of the group. I mean he didn’t have much flare away from Wu like Meth, ODB, Rae, and Ghost, but he still had some of the deepest and most vivid rhymes I have ever heard and the way he puts his words and syllables together is just incredible. Take a listen to “Labels”, “Shadowboxin”, “Cold World”, “Animal Planet”, and “Fame”. Just a few from one of my favorite MC’s of all time.
7. …speaking of Wu Tang, Ghostface Killah – Ghostface has to be one of the most, hard working, charismatic, wild, imaginative and creative mc’sto ever touch a mic. Now I have always liked Ironman, but he just never caught my ear the way GZA or some of my other favorites did. I knew he was good, one of the top mc’s but just never noticed how great he actually was until Fishscales came out. Everybody thought he was going soft, and that he would be doing the same ole same ole like he did on his past 2 albums (which were decent in of themselves), but he decide to up the ante and work with some difftrent producers and change it up a bit. He brought in one of my favorite underground mc/producers MF DOOM, for a few songs. There were so many amazing songs on there, esp “The Champ” , Shakey Dog” , etc. But whut did it for me is “Underwater”, whut other rapper do you know has rapped about being/or dreaming about being underwater and seeing Spongebob banging the Isley Brothers in a Bentley Coupe and not make it sound corny and stupid.
8. Jin – I know whut your thinking, the lil asian dude from 106 & park and Ruff Ryders. Take notice, Jin has been through a lot since those times and has upgraded his MC grade to A to an A+. Most it has to do with The MC’s Properganda cd he released in 2005 and his every growing and expanding internet fanbase via Myspace. Dude is killin every verse he lays down and is representing what a MC can do when given a second chance and is not controlled by money hungry creative controlling executives. He has been funny, out spoken, witty, and down to earth as a MC can be. I think this rebuilding/reforming of Jin in the underground and the internet has made him a better MC than he ever would have been on Ruff Ryders, based solely as “The” Chinese rapper and not just a damn good MC. Plus dude is a 80’S baby/90’s kid like me and can show his dorky, nerdy, everyday person side on his myspace page and his blogs/bulletins he posts, and he has very loyal fans and is interested in whut they have to say. Also he is a very intelligent guy that takes the time out to talk about what is really on his mind and speak on topics in the media, just recently he released, “Rain Rain Go Away”, a tribute to the people at VT, and he did that cause he is a true poet and did not do it for recognition but because he felt genuinely sorry about the tragedy and poured out his feelings and condolences the only way he feels right doing it, in rhyme.
9. Joe Budden – whut can I say about Joey, he is one of the most deep lyricists in the game. People bag on him cause of his past “beefs” with Game & G-unit and the fact that he use to be a Drug Addict. I think that confessing and pouring out how it feels to be a person under those circumstances and standing tall and still being proud of who you are and not giving a flying fuck whut anybody has to say about it is a noble thing in itself. Add on to the fact that he can rhyme his ass off and seriously I would put money down that he could battle and beat every single person in G-Unit and The Game. Every time he speaks in a song he is telling about his own experiences, and no one else’s so it would make sense say if you were a firefighter then you would talk about saving people and fighting fire. If you were a race car driver you would talk about racing and the race cars you have driven. Any experiences you have gone through, as a rapper you are going to talk about them no matter what they are, or at least you should, and that’s what Joey does cause I’m sure a few rappers have been addicts or alcoholics or whutever and don’t say shit about it and then play up like there something totally different. Joey says he was a drug addict, says he’s a chain smoker and does so to help him get through bullshit and says that he has had relapses in the past and how his family and friends would react to it. Now if that aint real talk I dont know whut is.
10. Rhymefest – Dude is ridiculous and like soooooo clever with his rhymes, just with his first cd you get the feeling of greatness and a lasting impact with ‘Fest. And hearing him rip it like “Will” on DJ Jazzy Jeff’s song, “Jeff & Fess” makes you yearn for more cd’s from this brilliant man. He is not Kanye’s Protégé/Buddy/sidekick as everybody and their momma that has seen his video for “Brand New” on MTV may project him to be, to me seriously he can out rhyme ‘Ye any day, no offense to Mr. West. I men he beat Eminem at freestyle Competition, and has a well established and solid record deal without dumbing down his lyrics or getting a r&b singer on every song. He is the working man’s rapper, blue collar rapper to all the simple and down to earth folks that just like good Hip Hop, No Preservatives. And Fest delivers like the UPS man.

Okay I’m done yapping you guys prob. got tired of reading after like Number 3, but try to read all of it and yes you can leave me comments about anything I have said in this post and remember kiddies this is only my opinion, this is not a collected survey of critics and writers and fans, its just one guy stating his opinions on this idea okey dokey. Shoot just wait till I get to my Top Lists for favorite Hip Hop Albums, MC’S, Bands, Movies, Superheroes, Cartoons, and 90’s Nickelodeon Shows, ohhh then the disputes and verbal wars begin!

Keep your head up and stay positive, Tankus Maximus aka Your Favorite Big Hairy White Hip Hop Head since ’84.

***Also for real you fuckers, any of you know how to put videos on these posts and shit please email or send me a comment and let me know it would be much appreciated. Thanks Bunches, toodles!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Come one, Come all...the show is about to begin.

hello to the blog world, just wanted to start of this blog experience right. Tell ya a lil bit bout myself.
-The name is Tank, but to my Momma, Auntie, and my girl it's Joshua.
-born in the land of Lincoln.
-I live in St. Louis, Missouri.
-I love Hip Hop, and have loved ever since I heard "I'm Bad", "Kings of Rock", "Paul Revere", and "The Message" when I was younger.
-also when I was like 3 I was scared shitless of the MJ's video "Thriller", esp the extended version you know with the mini 10 movie that goes along with the song, my brother loved it though.
-I love zombie movies, and old school movies that come on amc and tcm, watching the Discovery Channel (dirty jobs best show ever), HBO(deadwood, entourage, NO not the sopranos, and they should bring Lucky Louie back on the air!), and certain random sporting events, the outdoor games and the nathans hot dog eating contest on ESPN are my favorite.
-As stated earlier, im a hip hop head and also a general music fiend, blues, jazz, rock, whutever, so I will be spending most of my blog designated time to talk you r heads off about music.
-I love reading books, so I'm def gonna yap about that.
- more topics: Movies, classic tv shows, comedy stand-ups, and 80's early 90's nostalgia galour people.
-I dab a lil bit into politics, whuts goin on in the world, news, and general media happenings.
-on the politics note, I dont get into it as much as my buddie B. Houston aka McFly aka El Presidente (shamless plug alert!), so chekc out hsi blog as see whut he has to say at http://bhouston23.blogspot.com/
also thanks B for introducing me to this blogspot situation.

Anyways enough about me, I hope I can get to speak my opinions, and hear some of yours and have some interesting topics to talk/argue/converse/communicate about with you guys and hopefully let you see whut I'm all about and how the world looks in my dreamy greenish blue eyes.

p.s. - I dont take myself that seriously about 60 percent of the time so dont worry if I say alot of crazy/weird/different crap. Cause thats just me, just Tank.
p.p.s. - anyone kinda computer savvy, introduce yourself cause I would like to know whut codes to put in pictures, images, and videos. thanks just hit me up on here or my email at Tankqds1984@sbcglobal.net

-Tankus Maximus-