Tuesday, May 1, 2007

They Call It Wayback Wednesdays & Throwback Thursdays I Call It Bullshit! aka Could It Be That It Was All So Simple.

That’s what your local radio stations give you when it comes to real classic hip hop, and the hip hop that many kids/young adults have grown up listening to in the 80’s/90’s. 1 or 2 shitty days during the entire week, man I heard some radio stations only have throwback HOURS. WTF is up with that??? Why Hip Hop and Rap the only genre of music that ahs a problem playing and giving respect to classic artists/songs that came before them? I mean I turn on the radio (which is something that I do very rarely myself) and I hear about classic rock, oldies, old Mississippi blues, smooth old time jazz, classic country western songs, but I don’t hear any homage or any respect given to past hip hop music. No Hip Hop Oldies radio station (cause if there was I would have it on right the f--- now), no Classic Hip Hop station, nothing. But what’s also is funny is sometimes I do catch those random and very short classic rap hours or days (or minutes!) and I hear this “Now its time to go way back, way back into time with Way Back Wednesdays, all the way back to…1999. ……uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huh?! No comprende?! Heh?! How the hell is 1999 way “back in the day”? Anyways, what’s really funny is I when they do play those slight few old school jams during those rare times, I remember those songs being played throughout the day, being the hit single, the one you had to wait for on your bedroom floor to come on so you can press record on your Casio Double Tape Deck Cassette boom box to make that ill ass homemade “mixtape” with your favorite song on it. Radio use to be so much better, so much more exciting, deep feeling, and it had VARIETY. Nowadays, I can’t even listen to a hip hop station.

I mean where did all the good songs go???

Where’s this at?-

And This -

And why in the hell not this? -

Whuts so worng with hearing this on the radio? -

Here’s your second option with that group…ha -

I can go on for a long ass time you shitty radio programmers -

This or That.-

I wanna hear stuff like this Everyday.-

They are Killin Me by not play this.-

I could go on for days (trust me), but my point is can we get some appreciation and respect for the old school hip hop of yesterday, why not mix it in with todays new hits and artists? And also why not play some of the real good artists that no one is hearing that much off, the ones new to the game as well as old.
Here’s a few names to throw at ya:
Bishop Lamont
Crooked I
Obie Trice (I don’t hear him on the radio that much!...)
Joell Ortiz
Jean Grae
Pharoahe Monch (he’s coming back ALIVE, june 26th!)
MF Doom
Joe Budden
Royce Da 5’9”
Opium Black

Just to name a few of the many that are way better than 98 % of these suckers on the radio.

Anyways I’m about to wrap this up, figured I’d pop this lil idea into a blog real quick, I hope you guys feel me on this or at least some of it, and even if you dont thank you for at least reading it, I appreciate it. I’ll talk to guys later I’m about to go listen to some ATCQ…hmmmmm Midnight Mauraders or The Low End Theory???...Decisions, decisions. Man I gotta Dilemma like Nelly and Kelly.

--Tankus Maximus