Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Snoredom aka The Lazy Blogger aka Tank's Pen Game...

Hey peoples I havent posted in a while, been either sick or my internet been acting up so I could handle so business on this here blog. Well it was a long and slow week last week and today is Monday and I figured I would hit you guys with with some more of my writing and poetry. I was going to post quite a few writings but my stuff isnt loading up on my work computer so I will have to continue to post the rest of my writings at another time. But I figured I would take the time real quick to explain some of my writing and explain when and where these writings are from. First off, man these are old ones too, most are from when I was high school and junior high. check them out, I def had some emo flowing through the pen, BUT not that black clothes, punk rocker, slit your wrists type emo...more Atmosphere than Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance. But hey that's what I felt at the time. And a few of these were about I chick I had a thing for but nothing ever really panned out(sans Pharcyde's "Passing Me By"). I was all crazy for her back then but now I see what was what and why nothing happened with her, cause now I'm with the woman I love and will prob marry and spend the rest of my life with and I would go through all that emotional moments and hurt and bullshit again a thousand times over if that meant I would be able to still meet my Angel now and be with her forever. Those emotions I had for her in the past dont mean shit to what I feel and the love I have for my girl now. But like I said that's how I felt at the time, it's a moment in time, and thats it. Emotion's change all the time, and as a writer, a poet, you try to capture that moment, that emotion at that time no matter if it is relevant for a second, a day, or for the rest of your life, you still try to capture and present that on the paper the best you can. That's we we do, thats what I do. So getting past all that, check out a few of my poems and in the next few days I will have more up for you guys to read.

It’s cold

I’m cold, so cold I say
My soul is cold
My heart is cold
My face is cold
My eyes are cold
My lips are cold
My whole body is cold
My life is cold
That’s why I shiver
That’s why I cry
It’s cold inside and out
It’s cold.


Crutch (-For Wesley)

The boy would push so hard for his dreams
But there was always a block, an obstacle, a rock
And with every stride it seems
That people would care about smaller things
A child, a man, without a hand
A man with a begotten son
A boy who had a fatherless heart…
Then a man, a real man, came
A father to the boy, not of blood but of love,
And for that he was not of shame
As the boy gained a shoulder
He’s also become older
But then the boys’ crutch
And his heart has became colder
Cause it was to found
That his crutch was resting underground
But then another boy came
Not as a crutch but like a cane
They were so different but so alike
One was day and one was nite
They stood back 2 back
And faced the opposition for life…


Shooting Star

Its gazingly glowing brightness,
Its amazingly mesmerizing mysteriousness,
Its warmingly beautiful wonderfulness,
When I look at this amazing gift God delivered,
My stomach quivers and my body shivers,
my eyes open wide and water up,
Its a moment seen so slow and abrupt,
It makes life so calm and bright,
All this given from the shooting star I see 2nite.


Scars of Disappointment

Disappointing yourself is like a stab in the arm,
But disappointing someone else is like a stab in the heart.
It hurts, it's sharp and deep, it's eternal pain,
Something you can never fully recover from.
It's piercing through your flesh quickly, Without warning,
but once it's there it is there for eternity.


Okay I'm outta here...Peace.

--Tank, BlueInGreen

*Bonus: I know some of you have seen this video before but this ish is hilarious. This is Frank Caliendo (impersinator guy with a TBS show) impersinating Charles Barkley and Bill Walton.

Also check out this hilariously random gem of a podcast series from Hot97's DJ's Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds called "Juan Epstein"...also check out P. Rosenberg's website every weekly for a free dload of his Real Late with Peter Rosenberg Hot97 Sunday hip hop show.

Rosenberg's World

Monday, November 12, 2007

my Around the Way Girl Rock n' Roll.

(damn pictures were suppose to line up together side by side...damnit, awww fuck it, don't feel like fixing it.)

Rock n' Roll Originators - Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard...(Elvis who?)

"Rock n' Roll and Rollin' Rock..."

What up, it's good ole Monday and I'm tired and cranky like a hibernating bear that has insomnia, not a good combo. Now my last post talked about my Mistress Jazz, now I'm gonna talk about my Around the Way Girl Rock N' Roll. I started talkin to her when I was younger while falling for my First Love Hip Hop, I was introduced to her by my Uncle, my cousin, and random friends. I remember one friend, Matthew Thierry, who first let me listen to some Queen, holy crap we were playing dirty brooms for guitars and were stage diving off his couch. I think the first rock music I heard was CCR and Lynard Skynard(hey I was born in the country areas of Belleville Illinois), also The Eagles, Steve Miller Band, The Beatles, Bob Seger, and many other classic 60's and 70's rock bands. But I only listened for the crazy ass 5 min long guitar solos when I was younger, cause that guitar was just so dope to hear scream. Then Hip Hop took over my life when I moved to Saint Louis when I was 7 years old. But then while in Junior High I came upon the epitome of what great rock music was, and the dopeness of the guitar...Jimi Hendrix. The dude flipped my Hip Hop filled world and I got back to appreciating Rock and even other sub-genres of Rock n' Roll, and since then I have loved many different genres of music, even though I always always go back to my Hip Hop, don't worry my fellow hip hop heads, I will never leave her. So to appreciate my Around the Way Girl Rock n' Roll, here's some of the albums that I'm feeling right now in rock, mostly modern rock.

Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light

Brand New - The Devil and God are Raging Inside of Me

Bloc Party - Weekend in the City

Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris

Linkin Park - Minutes to Midnight

Ben Harper - Diamonds on The Inside

I'm really diggin this song right now...

Cold War Kids - Hospital Beds from Cowards & Robbers

well kiddies, I'm outta here till next time...

--Tank, BlueInGreen

P.S.- last but not least, R.I.P. to Dr. Donda West and Norman Mailer. Condolences to Kanye West and his family, and the Mailer family.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

my Mistress Jazz.

I love me some Jazz. I'm a eclectic dude I love all types of music but on a very chill, laid back, emotional level I love listening to Jazz, it just has this mystical magic to it...The Blues does that to me also (but that sir is a blog for another day!). A lot of people say jazz is boring, outdated, blah blah whatever but those people say that because they actually don’t take the time to sit and listen to it, and understand it. I mean people say all the time "oh hip hop that’s that gangster kill you shoot you with guns, and drugs, and money, and call girls bitches, crazy music...why do you like that", and it's a bunch of b.s. cause they don’t take the time to understand, learn, and listen to hip hop; and the good hip hop, not top 40 radio pop hits. This same situation can be directed at Jazz music. Yeah that's right I'm a jazz fan, shit look at my main blog picture and most of you already know I'm down on some jazz, but also the name of my blog will tell most that I am a jazz fan also. Blue In Green, my favorite jazz tune from Mr. Davis. Also I think Jazz has effected me positively when it came to certain hip hop--Tribe, Nas, Native Tongues, Jurassic 5, The Roots, Gangstarr, Eric B. and Rakim all infused Jazz into their sound. Now I don’t have a million and one jazz albums, I cant tell you too much exact information or details about the artists or the albums of all of them, but I can tell you what I know and I can show you some of my favorite tunes and give you a few albums (all of them right now are Miles Davis cause well that’s all the Jazz I have on my work computer...get over it aight!).

Now I'm a hip hop head for life, and that is my first love but boy do I have a great side fling with the mistress Jazz. Boy does she ever seduce me with her cool, smooth, and laid back ways. I love listening to her in the mornings, while I take the time to wipe the sleep from my eyes, and she's a great comfort when your feeling ill and down. Here's a few of my favorite artists and albums and some goodies for you to dload...


of course to start it man Miles. And my personal favorite from Miles is Kind of Blue, with a close second to Porgy and Bess(that shit gets me going). Check out this cool cat in action as he does a interview with the ever so uptight Bryant Gumbal, that was a bad choice of a interviewer most def.

It all started with Miles, esp. since the first jazz song I want to say I can clearly remember listening to and comprehended was Summertime, (#5 on Porgy and Bess:see below.)

Here are a few albums of Miles for you guys to enjoy:

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue

Miles Davis (w/ Gil Evans) - Porgy and Bess

Miles Davis - Birth of Cool


And then along with Miles, I was introduced to the late and great Mr. John Coltrane...My favorite albums form Trane were A Love Supreme and My Favorite Things, and I'm sure I'm not alone on that.
Miles Davis and John Coltrane - So What (dopeness)

Besides the duets with Miles, the first song I heard from John with his own Quartet was this classic tune...
John Coltrane Quartet - My Favorite Things (and I hate the sound of music and the original song)

Also another favorite of mine from Trane and Miles...Round about Midnight--


And if your are gonna talk about Coltrane, then you should def talk about the original great jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker aka Bird.

Charlie Parker Session w/ Coleman Hawkins (Beans and Bird)


And you gotta have the funky man on the piano...Thelonious Monk. I'm not that familiar with Monk the same goes with Charlie Parker) as I am with Miles and Trane, but the more I hear from them the more I wanna explorer and listen to...

Thelonious Monk - Blue Monk (check him out, just banging on the keys...)

**I heard some of that new The Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall album, awesome I tell ya.

Now I know I don’t know all the artists and albums, I just wanted to drop a lil example of what Jazz I like and what artists I enjoy, so don’t trip if you didn’t see your favorite artists on here, I know there's plenty more greats(Louis, Billie, Duke, Billie, Herbie, Gales, Dizzy, I could go on for days...) to talk about but I just wanted to show my personal favorite few artists and albums, and share some music with you guys...hope this is chill for ya Cali Rob, enjoy your day off bastid!

Until next time peoples,

peace and one love--

--Tank, BlueInGreen

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bringing the Ruckus.

Along with Leon, those dudes from The Shaolin bring that ruckusness also.

Hey peoples, I was not even going to post anything at all today but I do have some extra free time today and thought I would do a quick one with some videos. The videos have the many scenes that the HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm starring Larry David (the Seinfeld guy). All of these clips involve a new character from the new 6th season-- Leon, played by the very funny JB Smoove, a guy that moved into Larry's house with his family because of the Hurricane Katrina Disaster. Now before anything I have to give credit to my NR bro's Cmac and Fuxie for showing a video that had Leon and Larry David on the Curb show, so big up's to those two because I havent been keeping up with Curb for the past like 2 seasons. When it first came on HBO I was iffy about it because i wasn't the biggest Seinfeld fan, so I somewhat avoided it, but then randomly I caught a couple episodes of the 2nd season and from there on I stayed tuned to the show. But now that I have seen a couple clips of Leon and the 6th season I might have to keep a eye out for this season on Sundays. So here's a few videos showing the hilarious antics of Leon and Larry.

also if you havent seen these two videos in the million and one blogs and hip hop websites yet then here ya go...

Lupe Fiasco ft. Matthew Santos - Superstar **(thanks Shake)

Jay-Z - Roc Boys (And The Winner Is...) **(thanks Shake

--Tank, BlueInGreen

Monday, November 5, 2007

I often drift when I drive, Random Thoughts...

Not that type of "drifting"...

Man it is a weird drive I have to work on Monday mornings. First off, I have this weird zombie-ish type of trance I go in and out of, almost like those random spaced out moments you have when your just thinking about whatever and you just have this dumbfound look on your face while starting at nothing in particular until something breaks that momentary peace and you snap out of it like "oh...uhhh huh?!...yeah I'll get right on those TPS reports Bob". Yeah that's the type of trance I sometimes go into, while driving! But it's all good my damn brain is so miraculously brilliant sometimes that when I'm in that phased out moment I somewhat keep my eyes focused on the back bumper and tail lights of the car in front of me and slow down, brake, stop totally at a stop light, speedup, or react in whatever way I need to to keep steady with the flow of traffic. It's freakin' trippy sometimes cause I come to the stop light right before I have to turn into the parking lot at my work and I then somehow come out of the trance and realized holy crap I just like almost "sleep drove" to work except I did have my eyes open, but still it's wild you know.

So let me turn in my *late pass* for this but damn if Dog (the bounty hunter...okay white dude with a mullet on A&E) didn't bite his ass on the now infamous phone call with his son. He better be glad he lives on Hawaii, a place that I would think doesn't have too many big, 6'5'', 350 lb black dudes. Dude better cut his super mullet so people wont be able to notice him, but hey I wonder if his bounty hunter skills will disappear when he cuts his golden mullet locks sans-Samson style. Yeah I's Monday ha...

okay my Ipod proved to me that one of the funky, illest OutKast tracks is SpottieOttieDopalicious off the Aquemini album.(I called my girl that before once and she was like huh?!...ha love you boo) The word play, the funky chorus sung my Sleepy Brown, the super dope horns throughout the track, yeah fresh.

Explosions in the Sky... this band is incredible. Now if you do not know who I am talking about, think back to the movie Friday Night Lights, the ill ass instrumental rock that played throughout the movie and the dope guitar riffs that were blasting through the engaging football game scenes in the film. Yeah that music was done by these guys, and they just for some reason have been on point and have like 8 or 9 slots taken up on the Ipod, just some instrumental rock, no lyrics just straight jammin on the guitars and drums. very very chill I def recommend you guys check them out, they have quite a few albums out since '99. But check their myspace, , and check out the albums The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place and All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone.

So while randomly trying to get tired on Saturday nite, time was around 1 or so AM, and while my girl is passed out on the bed sleeping like a beautiful and peaceful angel, me and my girl Tess(my dog okay!...jeez) were watching Mel Gibson's Apocolypto on HBO. And boy was I surprised on how good the movie was, I haven't heard too much about the movie esp whe n it was out in theaters expect that it was another epic type movie done by nutjob Mel Gibson and that it was a slightly gruesome and graphic like Passion was. But after watching the whole movie minus about a half hour or so in the beginning of the movie, it was a very enjoyable and good looking film. It is basically about a man from the falling Mayan Civilization, that gets captured by some crazy ass raiders and has to escape and get back to his wife and family. So in it's simplest form is a action filled, suspenseful chase movie. And a damn good one at it. Another recommended watching by the homie Tank. I def need to catch it from the beginning. And don't worry it may be in the Mayan language and it has subtitles but trust me there isn't nearly as much talking as there was in Passion of the Christ, so it's alot easier to keep up with the dialogue without missing out on visual actions on the characters in the movie.

The new Jay-Z album American Gangster comes out tomorrow, the 6th of November. I will cop it even though I did have the NR brethren hook-up since last Monday and also even though I'm sure Jay will be alright financially if I didn't spend my $10 on his album, I'm just one of those weird music junkies that likes to still go out and buy a good album, and then go reading through the linear notes for a while. But to those that haven't heard the album yet, it's a really good album and a nice return to form for Jay, think more Reasonable Doubt than Kingdom Come, which I'm sure most Jay fans and purists while enjoy hearing.

Speaking of albums there will be quite a few this holiday season to go out and get...

Wu-Tang Clan - 8 Diagrams
Ghostface Killa - The Big Doe Rehab
Lupe Fiasco - The Cool
Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told
Alicia Keys - As I Am
David Banner - Greatest Story Ever Told
Busta Rhymes - Back on my BS
Sevendust - Retrospective 2
Nas - N*****

yeah there's quite a few of them...hopefully some of them if not all of them will be good. Tell ya moms and pops, or your girl, or your siblings to get you a Best Buy gift card or sumthin...ha.

Speaking of gifts, you know what really tips my pissy meter off? When your girl just has a damn perfect and easy thought of list of Christmas gifts for you but damn if you can only think of one of two things to get her...damn it so much easier for a girl to shop for a guy than vice versa. Darn...Darn it to hell!...that's alright I'm sure some good ideas will just pop up randomly in my head sooner or later, It's just that by that time she all has my gifts order or bought...oh well, I have a few thoughts to scheme upon. *evil laugh* MMMUUUUAH MUUUAAHHH MUAAAHHHH HA HA HA HA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -And sorry boo for reading that folded paper that had a Christmas list of gifts for was under the driver's seat in my car, I didn't go sneaking around for it!...ha. I kid.

well I'm gonna wrap this up cause yes I do have a job, and yes I should be doing it right now so peace and one love till the next time...which will prob be tomorrow...

--Tank, BlueInGreen

P.S. --see Meka, I used the spell check, I got the spelling errors under control!...jeez. lmao.

Friday, November 2, 2007

The Good Ole' Boob Tube aka TV Murked the Radio Star.

Fuck a Plasma!...this is the future...err past. Shit, look that muhfucka even has a built in clock!

So I usually watch a few shows with my girl when we get home from work most nights but there are a few shows that we watch almost religously, sometimes you have to have those 1 or 2 shows that you try to watch continuously every week until the season ends, cause most shows on TV are so craptastic that it's good to watch a few of them that make it seem like some of those hollywood humps are doing something I watched two of my favorite shows last nite so I figured they should get a mention on the blog. The first of which is the show Supernatural...

Now now, before you guys chastise me for watching a show that comes on the damn CW network and has fans that are mostly teenage girls that think the two main characters "are like freakin sooooo hott!", I gotta tell ya one simple truth: it's a damn good show. The characters, the dialouge, the mix of sci-fi, action, and comedy is def a good mix that makes me think of this show as more than just some dramatized teenybooper show like the rest of the crappy shows on The CW. So pin short it's about these two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, that are demon hunters. They come in lines with other cracked out hunters, the i'gnant ass police that are chasing them, ghosts, monsters, zombies, and evil demonic possessed people. Between all this horrific action packed stuff are some hilarious brotherly moments and shit talking.
Here's a couple funny moments from the show that actually make it enjoyable to watch-

Ahhh yes def a comedy classic, I wanna actually thank my cousin for nagging me about scrubs before and also recently my blog brother from another motherboard Rey from Itaintthatserious, for hyping up the show on his own blogsite. The show's basis is about a couple of doctors personal and professional lives that work at a teaching hospital in Los Angeles. The show is just flat out funny because it's filled with alot of sarcasm and slapstick comedy. And the character of Dr. Cox played by John C. McGinley is a damn riot, and J.D. and Turk’s quirky inside jokes and slight poking fun at “life partners” style friendship is hilarious to see, especially when they do renditions of songs or TV show themes. Also Turk is classic when he jumps into his Dancing sessions in the mid-conversation. What’s sad though I hear this is their last season and I just started to get into the show a couple months ago…I tell ya sometimes there so much crap on TV that it makes miss the good stuff. Check out a lil sample of the dude Turk dancin like a fool.

And of course the famous clip of Turk dancing and singing to Bel Biv Devoe's "Poison". Props to my homies at NahRight for the clip...

I have a few more shows I usually stay on top of watching that include Dirty Jobs (Mike Rowe for President!), Entourage, and Kitchen Nightmares. Isnt it funny when you get older you watch all the weird "nedry" stuff on the food, travel, and discovery channels that you wouldnt watch at all when you were younger or if there was a video in science class or something, just a funny thought you know.

**Also I wanted to take a second to give a big shout out and thanks to my homies Meka Soul and Shake from HipHopDX, for puttin me on their blogroll, giving me and my blog some shine on their own blog side project and all around dope website, Thanks guys and I'll try to keep up with posting steady weekly and bringing some interesting content on my site. I have to tell ya, Shake held it down on the design of the website, dude is a genius at that stuff. So check out their website cause they hold it down on the awesome song exclusives and sometimes obscure but always ill ass "Meka Soul Mix Shows". Click the link above or down below on my favorite links section and check their blog out, tell them that Tank/MTF sent ya.

Everybody have a a great, chill, and safe weekend...holla lata next week. (or maybe you'll get a suprise blog or two on the weekend...who knows)Also big thansk to all yuo guys that are commenting, I really appreciate ya smartass and interesting feedback. ha.

Chuckin Dueces,

--Tank, BlueInGreen

Thursday, November 1, 2007

3 producers not named Timbaland, Kanye, or Pharrell...

Ayyy whut up peoples out here in BlueInGreenLand, yeah I'm back already, yeah def got that second wind. So I usually check out Nah Right and HiphopDX(two fo the top hip hop music websites) on the daily, and I was on Nah this morning and noticed two things that got my attention, 1st the video of Madlib, one of my fav producers, on Rap City on BET; and 2nd the article about NO I.D., another classic and fav producer, doing production work on Jay-Z's new American Gangster album. That made me step back and think does anybody that isnt either big on hip hop, only listens to the radio and top 40 stations, watches MTV or BET, only know manybe a handful of producers. And if you ask any random hump to name off a hip hop producer than they would prob asnwer with one if not all of the three names that are stated in the title of this blog. That's not a bad thing to not know any of these 3 producers that will be stated below or any other producers, it just means myself and others like me (hip hop heads and music junkies) have to try even harder to teach adn let these geniuses of hip hop music be known and heard. So while I'm at my job I'm gonna do my other "job"--to inform...come read with me...

1. Madlib (LA)- One of my personal favorites, mostly cause he has such a wide and eclectic musical taste and he also eff's with some Jazz, and I love me some Jazz. He comes from a very musical family; his father Otis Jackson Sr was a well known & accomplished bandleader and session player, his mother Sinesca Jackson was a songwriter and third in a line of accomplished female folk and blues guitarists, his younger brother Michael Jackson aka Oh No is a rapper and producer that is signed also to Stones Throw, and his Uncle is jazz trumpeter Jon Faddis. He started his career in 1993 with his own group, The Lootpack, that were signed to the West Coast Independent powerhouse Stones Throw Records label. Then he started to become a sought after producer that worked with the likes of The Alkoholiks, Jay Dee(J Dilla), MF Doom, Talib Kweli, Planet Asia, and countless others. He is one of the only hip hop artists to get exclusively asked to do a remix/reinterpretation project, Shades of Blue, for Blue Note Records, one of the most sucessful and well known jazz record labels in the world. He has done collabo albums whith MF Doom and J Dilla, and has his own solo instrumental albums. He evenhas many ALiases that he records under that include Quasimoto, The Beat Konducta, and Yesterday's New Quintet. Songs to check out: One Beer, Accordian, ALL CAPS, The Show, Funny Money, Slim's Return, Funky Blue Note, Indian Hump, Piano Garden, Bitches Brew.

2. No I.D. (Chi)- aka the Godfather of Chicago Hip Hop, The Mentor (as stated by Kanye West), if you have ever heard of Common (Sense's) classic album Ressurection then you know who No I.D. is, and why he is that dude. As stated above he is the montor of Knaye West and prob one of the single handed reasons why Kanye is such a damn good producer himslef and why he has his signature "sound". No I.D. came into hip hop scene along with his friend Common Sense back in 1992 with Common's debut album Can I Borrow a Dollar?, and since then has been slighty and quiety producing (and ghost producing for Jermaine Dupri) some of the illest beats for Common, Beanie Sigel, Jay-Z, DMX, Ghostface and Meth, Bow Wow, Do or Die, Rhymefest and many others. He is one of the originators of the soul influenced Chicago hip hop sound. Also you can check him out stealing the show on Jay-Z's upcoming album, American Gangster with the two tracks he produced (it's claimed that he only co-produced them with JD, yeah rightttttt...), "Sucess" and "Fallin'". Songs to check out: Fallin', Sucess, Watermelon, Pineapple Juice, I Used to Love H.E.R., Retrospect for Life, D.O.D., Fever, Get Down, Another Again.

3. Just Blaze (NY/NJ)- now if any of the three, Just is prob the most known and popular. Armed with a mighty Lightsaber and Roland V-Drums, Just has become one of New Yorks most sought out producers for the past 7 years. Dude is dope with the drums and the synths, and he has his own orchestra to bang out any rhythms or strings he might need for a soul and rock filled track. He came into his own along with Kanye West on Jay's 2001 classic The Blueprint. When I heard Girls, Girls, Girls, and U Dont Know off that album I had to go through the linear notes to find out who this guy was, after that I always kept a eye (and ear) out for Mr. Blaze. Since then he has worked with many of Hip Hop's top and premier artists like Jay-Z, Joe Budden, Saigon, DMX, Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, T.I., The Game, Fabolous, and many many more. Songs to check out: Girls Girls Girls, U Dont Know, PSA, Oh My God, Church for Thugs, C'Mon Baby, Breathe, Touch the Sky, What We Do, Dear Summer.

all praise and respect to the legends Dilla and JMJ. RIP.

Until tommorow, peace peoples.
Let's see if the ultimate slacker blogger Tank can get 3 posts in one week!...Wowzers! (c) Inspector Gadget

--Tank, BlueInGreen