Thursday, November 20, 2008

Making of "The Kid With The Green Backpack" Episodes #3

Here's episode 3 from the video diary of the making of Vizzy's next studio album The Kid With The Green Backpack. This time they guys take a vocal break while their buddy Jaye lays down some guitar work on a few of the songs. All the while Vizzy starts to get some X-Box withdrawls. Some one give that man a controller!

Shouts to TheCoolniverse.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Goin' Off! Vol.1, Tuesday Edition

Back again to drop off some dope tracks I'm blastin in the headphones right now and droppin some words on what I'm doin, music in genral Im feelin, and TV I'm watching...I'm just gonna let you suckas know right now...I'm on some shit today...I got a kiler headache out now...hereeeeeeee we gooooooo....

Random Note #1 --

Black Milk's Tronic...Album of the Year.

Here's what I got blastin loudly to piss off Bob in Accounting...

Self Scientific - Everywhere I Go f. The Game & Talib Kweli
...good gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwdddd…this shit is mad crazy. Khalil is a monster on the boards…and Chance Infinite is droppin lyrical jems, with soemd ecent guets verses from The Game and Talib… Good to hear some new S.S. cause I've been playin "On Our Own" on the Ipod for the best of like 6 months or so...ha.

XV - Low on Resources
...One of my favorite tracks from his excellent 40 Days, 40 Nights Series, Vizzy goes over the funky soundscape of MGMT's "Kids".

Joe Budden - Just to be Different
...What caught me was the ill hook sample. At first I didnt know it was Shinedown and had to do a lil google research. But in the very emo serious side of things, this song is a top contender for my Official Theme Music. And of course Jumpoff just goes bannanerz on the track.

Random Note # 2 - Luda's new album is gearing up to be a dope soundscape... I mean even the Gremlin assisted "Last of a Dying Breed" is a top notch thematic sounding track. And of course that leads to the 2 new tracks from The Big Mouth from The South...

Ludacris - I Do It For Hip Hop f. Nas & Jay-Z Simple as this...God's Son, Hova and Luda on a track together...on a super epic sounding beat done by Wyldfyer, the same producer that did Nas/Jay's super collabo track "Black Republican and the previous stated "Last of a Dying Breed". I dont really need to explain in some long diatribe about this track.

Ludacris - MVP(produced by DJ Premier)

I'ts not the best quality cause it's a radio rip, but you def get the just of how dope this track is gonna sound on that CDQ level. FGirst off you got Preemo crafting a dope dusty classic Gangstarr era type of beat with Ludacris ripping it like his Hip Hop cred is on the line or sumthin. Like he's still got something to prove to these people that still find him some as that decent but not great cartoonish Southern rapper and not a legitamite lyricial contender to be put on the Infamous Top MC's List..

Top 5 Shows Tank is watchin right bout now...
1. Sons of Anarchy (new FX series to keep up the quality drama after The Sheild ends)
2. True Blood (the story line and characters are engaging as hell...very addictive)
3. Supernatural (quality sci-fi drama...the only worthy CW11 show)
4. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (these guys are hil-a-rious)
5. Justice League Unlimited (yeah it's a superhero comic book cartoon!...get over it!)

Random Note #3 - My Blogging Bretheren Dart Adams from Poisonous Paragraphs just put up a great new blog about the sometimes bullshitty overatedness of Nostalgia. Now trust me I've done my fair share of Nostalgiaty(Am I making up words again?..YES I AM!) especially when it comes to classic 80's and early 90's cartoons and video games (most of those hold up well). But I will admit that many, many things were horribly corny (which isn't always a bad thing, just most of the time) and that Dart was dead on with his post. Except that for in my own experience, Sega Genesis was just as good the second time around when I copped one last year and played Sunset Riders, Sonic 2, and Toe Jam & Earl for like a 3 days about piss in your pants enjoyment, woooo!

On the Non Hip-Hop Side of Things...

The Black Keys have got to be some of the baddest YT's in Blues Rock history...There music is addictive as hell, like cocaine in music line that shit up and take you a trip... I recommend any of thier albums, but what I am blasting nonstop is Attack & Release and Chulahoma: The Songs of Junior Kimbrough...Yeah, THAT Junior Kimbrough. Whats funny is they did so good covering his songs that Junior's widow left a message on Dan Auerbach's answering machine telling them how much she's proud of the duo's work and how Dan and Patrick sound like Junior Kimbrough. Here's a few tracks from the album--

The Black Keys - My Mind Is Ramblin'

The Black Keys - Work Me

What's Up With MTF?! aka "Just Random Note # 4 in Disguise"--
Man I have been busy helping MissTF with the wedding stuff, figuring out out Wedding party, colors, making sure my boo doesnt strangle her mom and sister, etc etc you know the same old stuff; also hanging out with my buddy Mikey who's goin off, Navy style, to Japan soon; and been working hard to get to that point to where we can finally purchase a house. For the past year I was writing on a great blog called Stuntin On Prose along with some other great bloggers, shouts to J. Burn, Hugh, and E. And no shout outs to the Hatin Ass Hackers...fucktards.

I'm in a good place though...never thought I would be at this point, not because I thought I wouldnt amount to anythign or that I thought negative, it's just that I didnt think I would be at this point already. I've been known to be the one that takes his time but also is a lil bit slower than the rest of the pack...word to 1-12th grade education, lol. Hey... I got mostly all A's in College so I made up for it...

MT Quote of the Day:
A Scientist will never show any kindness for a thoery which he did not start himself.

Until next time kiddies,


MTF aka Tank aka Tankus Maximus aka Em Tee Eff aka Zombie Survivalist aka Mr. BiteYaBottomLip aka The Midwest Quencher aka The Last of a Frying Breed aka Mr. Slow Roll aka I'mFatbutIcanRidethatRazorScooter aka Dat Blue in Da Green Guy aka Mr. "..." aka......................................

Friday, November 7, 2008

Making of "The Kid With The Green Backpack" Episodes 1& 2

Keepin up with the homie Vizzy, he's posted up 2 videos of him and Seven in the studio workin on his next official studio album, The Kid With The Green Backpack.

Episode 1 has him and Sev in the sutdio working on a few tracks and asks some important questions that need some "Manswers".

Episode 2 finds Vizzy and Sev back in the lab again, giving a glimpse to 2 exclusives tracks from the album while discussing video games and club attire.

Stayed tuned to Letter's From B.i.G. for future videos, episodes, and exlusive content from the Squarian XV.