Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Come one, Come all...the show is about to begin.

hello to the blog world, just wanted to start of this blog experience right. Tell ya a lil bit bout myself.
-The name is Tank, but to my Momma, Auntie, and my girl it's Joshua.
-born in the land of Lincoln.
-I live in St. Louis, Missouri.
-I love Hip Hop, and have loved ever since I heard "I'm Bad", "Kings of Rock", "Paul Revere", and "The Message" when I was younger.
-also when I was like 3 I was scared shitless of the MJ's video "Thriller", esp the extended version you know with the mini 10 movie that goes along with the song, my brother loved it though.
-I love zombie movies, and old school movies that come on amc and tcm, watching the Discovery Channel (dirty jobs best show ever), HBO(deadwood, entourage, NO not the sopranos, and they should bring Lucky Louie back on the air!), and certain random sporting events, the outdoor games and the nathans hot dog eating contest on ESPN are my favorite.
-As stated earlier, im a hip hop head and also a general music fiend, blues, jazz, rock, whutever, so I will be spending most of my blog designated time to talk you r heads off about music.
-I love reading books, so I'm def gonna yap about that.
- more topics: Movies, classic tv shows, comedy stand-ups, and 80's early 90's nostalgia galour people.
-I dab a lil bit into politics, whuts goin on in the world, news, and general media happenings.
-on the politics note, I dont get into it as much as my buddie B. Houston aka McFly aka El Presidente (shamless plug alert!), so chekc out hsi blog as see whut he has to say at http://bhouston23.blogspot.com/
also thanks B for introducing me to this blogspot situation.

Anyways enough about me, I hope I can get to speak my opinions, and hear some of yours and have some interesting topics to talk/argue/converse/communicate about with you guys and hopefully let you see whut I'm all about and how the world looks in my dreamy greenish blue eyes.

p.s. - I dont take myself that seriously about 60 percent of the time so dont worry if I say alot of crazy/weird/different crap. Cause thats just me, just Tank.
p.p.s. - anyone kinda computer savvy, introduce yourself cause I would like to know whut codes to put in pictures, images, and videos. thanks just hit me up on here or my email at Tankqds1984@sbcglobal.net

-Tankus Maximus-


B.Houston said...

what up man finally got on it huh... yo dirty jobs is my joint too man that show is tight and i like myth busters too.. yo to subscribe i think just go to the end of one of my blogs and you should see a subscribe link click it and sign up i am signing up to yours too... holla

cMac said...

that's a lotta content u got there

Tankus Maximus aka MTF(mark twain fame) said...

soemtimes I blab bruh...very random thinker ya know.

Notorious T.R.E.E said...

Yo Yo wad up bro? It's the homie T.R.E.E from DX just came to show some support. I enjoy your shit. I'm not one of the dudes who's goes on and reads fuckin agent 0 blogs and lives vicariously through others lives because I DO have my own and love it. But when it comes to music and shit thats has to do with music, I like to see whats out thur and what others be bumpin ya know? Thats why I be checkin you out and I like how you keep puttin me on good shit. So now that you know a lil about me keep up the good work MTF. If you every got some shit that you think is dope and I would enjoy a listen hit my email up ogletreb@csp.edu man itd be greatly appricated. Keep up the good work i'll keep reading(as long as it's about good music.) Lol.