Monday, December 1, 2008

Making of "The Kid With The Green Backpack" Episodes #4

Vizzy and Sev are back at it again working on the rumored first single called "A.D.D." for TKWTGB (out Feb '09), while debating about their favorite video games with great storylines. Jeez what a bunch of Nerds!...I def would rather have debated about how Wolverine is the best Superhero ever...sheesh.

Also be on the look out for some new projects in the coming weeksfrom X and his Fly Boy Bretheren featuring a new mixtape by Sez Batters, the Fly Boy Club Album, and a new project from Vizzy himself called "Drop.Dead.Famous".

On a side guys need to check out the new Colin Munroe mixtape called Colin Munroe is the Unsung Hero. You can download it over at the Dope Boyz' spot. "Cannonball" feat Skyzoo is my joint right now.

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kevin said...

u need to be in blkyn sometime soon $trictly Bu$ine$$