Monday, September 17, 2007

He's Back! aka It's Alive!...still?!...

Yes, yes I'm back like any of you were worried...psshhhh! Anyways zup to any and everyone that reads this here simple "hole in the wall" blog. Now to jump right back into things I wanted to let you guys know what I do everyday at work, how I make my Guapa. Especially since I’m at work while doing this damn blog. I work at St. Louis County Library’s Main Branch, Headquarters. I am a IT , I pretty much handle and pay for all of the new books that we receive from the book vendors that make them. So everyday UPS sends us orders of boxes and boxes of books that I have to unpack, count them to make sure we got the right amount, check for damage on the books, and then pay for them using a payment program on my computer. Anyways I get some pretty interesting books some days and I just wanted to let you know some of the books I have gotten the past few weeks, trust me these ain't all those boring ass normal books. I’m telling ya’ll bout the crazy, weird, fucked up books that I unpack.

Gato En El Sombrero - just guess what book that is. …By Docotoro Suess

Billy Joel The Biography - (and man I was just reading a post on one of my favorite blogs, Oh Word about Billy Joel being gangster back in the day and reppin “The Bridge” before MC Shan and the KRS-One situation.)

Don’t Hassel The Hoff - …uhhhhh yeah. Autobio of David Hasselhoff, I never liked his fake tan ass, and now he’s the new “Chuck Norris”. And that’s why Dirk Nowinzki is not in the playoffs, because he listens to damn Hasselhoff CD’s before games.

Buffalo in the House – About two crazy ass people that raised a baby bison in their house until adulthood….and yes if you were wondering, they were White people.

The Ultimate Franchises - …wow finally the book that need to be published because I just need to know ever damn franchise in the US this year. MacDonald's, Hardees, Wendy’s, Burger King, Subway, Papa Johns…wow fascinating.

Yeah there are plenty more where that came from, but its just crazy some of the books I run across at the J…

*Random Thought*
Book I’m reading right now: Check the Technique by Brian Coleman

*Another Even More Random Thought*

I like to name this thought...Jackie Chan and Me.

So the other nite I just happen to be flippin through the movie channels and i happen to come upon the movie Rush Hour. Now I haven't seen the original movie in a long time, cause fuckin TBS and TNT play Rush Hour 2 out like a 50 Cent song on Z107.7.
Anyways I was watching it, and there was this one part where Jackie Chan gets away from Chris Tucker and he arrives at this Chinese Ambassador's house. He beats the shit out of two FBI agents with a damn steering wheel handcuffed to him. So he runs towards this wall to get in the yard of the mansion and does that crazy leg wall climbing shit he does. You guys know what I mean, he pretty much does it in every movie he's been in. After that he climbs this tree like he's a damn monkey and jumps in through an open window.
Now for some reason, and I wasn't drunk, I started thinking about that scene and I came up with a weird thought.
I wonder if he does that shit in his spare time, like when he's not making a movie. Like for instance what if he just came back from Starbucks and he has a nice big mansion with the whole gate and cement wall around the yard. He parks his Toyota Camry SE in front of his gate, gets out and just instead of opening the gate he just says "Fuck This Gate!" and just runs over to the wall and just does his wall climbing shit and hops over. And shit he doesn't stop there he runs up to his house and looks at his big brown wooden front door (maybe some dragons or something on it?! i dont know), gives a big Jackie Chan grin, and hollers "Fuck This Door!" while he proceeds to run over to the nearest tree, climb it like a damn cat, then he hangs on a branch and swings into a open window.
I mean it's just a lil weird thought but shit it could be true. Damn If I could do that climbing shit I would use it all the time. I mean look at how easy he does that shit, and tell me he would just do it at least one time in his real life, even just for shits & giggles. Speaking of climbing shit, look at this lil dude climb this building...damn Monkey boy.

Okay that was more than just a thought but I figured hey why not?...
Hey it’s a Monday aight!

*daps everyone that’s in Monday Zombie Mode*

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