Monday, September 24, 2007

Tank's Top Ten Illest Week/Top Ten Illest Zombie Flicks

Ladies dont go for that line...even if they buy you a Amaretto Sour...

So here at Blue in Green it's def been a slow uphill battle of posting new stuff. I just have been busy/tired/mostly lazy with writing as of late esp this past year and I have been battling myself to get up, get out, and blog sumthin'. So I got a few ideas that were randomly bouncing around my heads, mostly just certain songs and movies and books, and I decided hey why the hell not start up a Week Long Dandy Top Ten Illest Blogathon. Most of these lists of course (unless you don't know what a blog is) are my opinion so don't chastise me for my picks or placement of said items, if you do go set yourself on fire and run into some fuel tank cells for fun. So today it's a wonderful(horrible) Monday and I'm def in Zombie Mode, so with that being that I am a walking Zombie and I love me some Zombie movies, I'll hit you off with the first slice of my Dandy Top Ten Illest Blogathon pie.

Tank's(emphasis on Tank's) Top Ten Illest Zombie Flicks.

1. Dawn of the Dead (1979) - One of the true great Zombie films, great actors, great action, great gruesome scenes, and overall a decent storyline. Also Ken Foree, one of the only black characters in a horror film that doesn't die!

2. The Night of the Living Dead - The original and the birth of Zombie films...simple but classically put together, and it featured one of the first African American hero's, Ben(Duane Jones).

3. Dawn of the Dead (2004) - Zach Snyder(300) successfully remade this classic movie into his own vision and came out with a great movie remake in the mix of terrible and thoughtless remakes and sequels in the horror genre. Great Plot, great actors (Ving Rhames, Jake Weber, Sarah Polley), and some awesome new age effects.

4. Evil Dead - What can I say campy, cheesy, B grade acting by legend Bruce Campbell, and directing/producing by a pre-Spider-Man Sam Raimi, just a classic gruesome fest.

5. Land of The Dead - Another Romero film that carries on the 40 year old tradition of a good plot with gruesome scenes and social commentary included. This time it expands on the mythos of the forsaken zombies and their instincts that are starting to change with the changing society.

6. Shaun of the Dead - Hilarious, action packed, and slapstickish throughout, this comedy spoof of your favorite zombie movies brings the laughs.

7. 28 Days Later - A new age revamp of the zombie genre and a instant classic, Danny Boyle is a smart man when it coems to making Zombie films. A must see.

8. Dead Alive - before Lord of Rings, Peter Jackson made this fucked up gruesome slasher fest to the masses. This movie was so graphic that most countries have banned the full version of the movie. Plus a guy chopping up zombies with a lawnmower...ill.

9. Day of the Dead - this is the most though provoking and light hearted of the Romero Dead series. It is a little slower than most of the films but it brings the most humanity and social issues to the screen in a zombie film.

10. Army of Darkness - even more slapstic and hilarious than Evil Dead, but a def classic for the crazy plot and the craptastic skeleton warriors. This is my boomstick!

Let me know how you feel about my list and be ready for tomorrow's edition of Tank's Top Ten Illest. --Tank


cMac said...

u drew that zombie pic?

Tankus Maximus aka MTF(mark twain fame) said...

ha, naw.

Anonymous said...

i dont feel like 'signing up.'
but good post.. only seen 3 of the top 10 but that can and will change...

also, what kind of blog is this? a random thoughts one?

Tankus Maximus aka MTF(mark twain fame) said...

cot damn right...anything will be tlaked, hip hop, blues, jazz, etc, movies, books, me talkin about my nostalgia tips, sega genesis, random life moments...key word Random.

random fuckery at its finest (c) Tank

Cali Rob said...

Shaun of the Dead is f'n hilarious. Cool shit MTF. I'll check this out more and will def comment on random shit. just don't hate on random comments.

Tankus Maximus aka MTF(mark twain fame) said...

dont worry I dont hate on randomness of any kind or form...I dont hate on any comments either.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tank,
Thanks for putting me in such an illustrious roster.
Robert Lipsyte