Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday Snoredom aka The Lazy Blogger aka Tank's Pen Game...

Hey peoples I havent posted in a while, been either sick or my internet been acting up so I could handle so business on this here blog. Well it was a long and slow week last week and today is Monday and I figured I would hit you guys with with some more of my writing and poetry. I was going to post quite a few writings but my stuff isnt loading up on my work computer so I will have to continue to post the rest of my writings at another time. But I figured I would take the time real quick to explain some of my writing and explain when and where these writings are from. First off, man these are old ones too, most are from when I was high school and junior high. check them out, I def had some emo flowing through the pen, BUT not that black clothes, punk rocker, slit your wrists type emo...more Atmosphere than Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance. But hey that's what I felt at the time. And a few of these were about I chick I had a thing for but nothing ever really panned out(sans Pharcyde's "Passing Me By"). I was all crazy for her back then but now I see what was what and why nothing happened with her, cause now I'm with the woman I love and will prob marry and spend the rest of my life with and I would go through all that emotional moments and hurt and bullshit again a thousand times over if that meant I would be able to still meet my Angel now and be with her forever. Those emotions I had for her in the past dont mean shit to what I feel and the love I have for my girl now. But like I said that's how I felt at the time, it's a moment in time, and thats it. Emotion's change all the time, and as a writer, a poet, you try to capture that moment, that emotion at that time no matter if it is relevant for a second, a day, or for the rest of your life, you still try to capture and present that on the paper the best you can. That's we we do, thats what I do. So getting past all that, check out a few of my poems and in the next few days I will have more up for you guys to read.

It’s cold

I’m cold, so cold I say
My soul is cold
My heart is cold
My face is cold
My eyes are cold
My lips are cold
My whole body is cold
My life is cold
That’s why I shiver
That’s why I cry
It’s cold inside and out
It’s cold.


Crutch (-For Wesley)

The boy would push so hard for his dreams
But there was always a block, an obstacle, a rock
And with every stride it seems
That people would care about smaller things
A child, a man, without a hand
A man with a begotten son
A boy who had a fatherless heart…
Then a man, a real man, came
A father to the boy, not of blood but of love,
And for that he was not of shame
As the boy gained a shoulder
He’s also become older
But then the boys’ crutch
And his heart has became colder
Cause it was to found
That his crutch was resting underground
But then another boy came
Not as a crutch but like a cane
They were so different but so alike
One was day and one was nite
They stood back 2 back
And faced the opposition for life…


Shooting Star

Its gazingly glowing brightness,
Its amazingly mesmerizing mysteriousness,
Its warmingly beautiful wonderfulness,
When I look at this amazing gift God delivered,
My stomach quivers and my body shivers,
my eyes open wide and water up,
Its a moment seen so slow and abrupt,
It makes life so calm and bright,
All this given from the shooting star I see 2nite.


Scars of Disappointment

Disappointing yourself is like a stab in the arm,
But disappointing someone else is like a stab in the heart.
It hurts, it's sharp and deep, it's eternal pain,
Something you can never fully recover from.
It's piercing through your flesh quickly, Without warning,
but once it's there it is there for eternity.


Okay I'm outta here...Peace.

--Tank, BlueInGreen

*Bonus: I know some of you have seen this video before but this ish is hilarious. This is Frank Caliendo (impersinator guy with a TBS show) impersinating Charles Barkley and Bill Walton.

Also check out this hilariously random gem of a podcast series from Hot97's DJ's Peter Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds called "Juan Epstein"...also check out P. Rosenberg's website every weekly for a free dload of his Real Late with Peter Rosenberg Hot97 Sunday hip hop show.

Rosenberg's World


Cali Rob said...

good stuff Tank. Writings were nice and the vid was funny as hell. Gonna check the podcast later.

Anonymous said...

I'm really digging "Scars of disappointment". Very true indeed.

Propssss on another good entry, amigo.


Tankus Maximus aka MTF(mark twain fame) said...

yeah check that podcast cali shit is funny. Thanks Rey I appreciate it.

Sirhc said...

'Scars of disappointment' was very dope. Keep feeding us.

Anonymous said...

Because I'm a nice guy, here's the link Mark:

-That Man

Anonymous said...

Just in case it didn't go through.

-That Man

Anonymous said...

This is literally the most boring blog I have ever had the displeasure of looking at. Mark Twain your mother is outside on the street please come and get this trick . Im sick of looking at that ugly bitch you loser

Tankus Maximus aka MTF(mark twain fame) said...

fuck your mother.......

and thank you for stopping by.

Jay said...

(LOL) you tell'em Tank!!!