Friday, October 5, 2007

Back Again from's some Friday Goodness.

Been a minute...well I'm very random and sporatic like that aight(plus its been a somewhat busy week) bad to the like 10 people that read this...jsut a quick lil post for ya.

I know most of you guys know who Dangermouse is (Gnarls Barkley, Jay-Z's Gray Album, Dangerdoom, Gorillaz Demon Dayz, etc).

I also hope you know even though he does some weird, spaced out left field, funky hip hop rock, electronica fused type of ish he still is very dope at what he does and can lace a straight up hip hop song very nicely. check out these jems produced by Dangermouse featuring 2 hip hop legends and one ill ass west coast MC. --big props to my homie J. Burn over at

Big L - Put It On (actually this is a Non-Prophets remix)

Murs - To a Black Boy (DangerMouse ReMix)

Nas - It Aint Hard to Tell (DangerMouse ReMix)

--also since at my work its a Payday Friday, here's a few Bonus Cuts and Such for ya.

9th Wonder ft. Royce Da 5'9', Naledge, and Vandalyzm (STL's Finest) - The Last Time

Will.I.Am - aint it pretty
(big up to my homie cmac for let me know about this track, check his site Chasing The Cool out at tanks fav links at the bottom of the page)

Styles of Beyond - Savin' L.A. (from their mixtape Razor Tags)

Vandalyzm - Stand Up
Speaking of Vandalyzm, the homie is holding down the home town in a different way than from the other STL "mc's" that stay pop, lockin, and droppin. To peep and download the rest of his free EP go to his myspace page,

also a hour and a half laughfest of a interview with Karrine "Superhead" Steffans done by Jamie Foxx on his Sirius Radio Show, The Foxxhole.("whuts crackin?...other than the crack of ya ass!")

aight peoples have a great weekend, be safe, drink soem brewskies, have protected sex, and watch some cartoons. See you next weekend and hopefully I'll have at least one post up by next week ha...peace and one love.

Tankus Maximus aka MTF
Random Fuckery at it's Finest (c) BlueInGreen


G7 said...

good ish MTF. didn't know you had a blog too. gotta ninja feeling left out.

Tankus Maximus aka MTF(mark twain fame) said...

ha my bad dude...yeah thsi si a older one I had and picked back up on...thanks for the comment Seven...