Monday, October 8, 2007

Hey Kids guess what day it is?!...It's Emo Monday!

Dont worry I wont turn into Rey The Hussein...

Naw for real I'm just tired and spaced out from this "great" day we call Munday. Also I got some influence and inspiration from some random sources (and decided to post some emo lovey dovey writing that I did recently for my girl. Enjoy, laugh at it, give me props, tell me to listen to some Fall Out Boy like Rey (I am listening to some Brand New, which is a slight emo but more of a regular rock band...Dont worry I'll toughen up with some G Rap, Bumpy Knuckles, and M.O.P. later on.) Here ya go:

Dream Season (slight love letter/poem)-

I’m just a man with some simple words and truths…along my travels in this life…
I’ve seen “angels” and “pretty faces”, but never someone that is my own to have, the person to save me from the aforementioned, to appreciate me in a way that those before you could never realize or comprehend, to change my life so I can change their’s, my girl, my own personal guardian angel, my Queen. I have been blind, let astray, led through swamps of darkness, trumpets never played, introductions never made, and throughout these lead-in’s I’ve been led to feel that these were “special ones”, “angels” or whatsoever they need be called but deep down in my heart I knew something was missing, the fact was is that I just wasn’t sure what. All of the truths about these d’evil girls were found out through crappy feelings and hard realizations, most throughout times where I was still fully figuring out who I was as my whole self. Some of them were hiding behind masquerade masks, trying to lead me away from the light, from where I need and wanted to be. I was lonely and lost, and had no one else to guide me, so I gave into these marauders of false hopes and emotions. Since finding you I have become a better person, you have helped me realize true feelings, not just ones you want to have and try to so hard to grasp something that is not there and not blinded by superficial feelings like in high school. When you came into my life, you snuck up on me, at a time when I wasn’t looking for Life like that, but there you were. You knew all along about your feelings, I wish I knew like you knew then, to be ready like you already were, but soon enough I came catching up to join you so we can be together as we are now. So I hope this Love Letter reaches you and makes you understand how much you make me happy, how you pulled me out of the hole that was dug, thank you for letting “Love REMEMBER me”, And thank you forgiving me for not connecting to you, for not seeing what you saw at first. Everyday it gets better than the last, and everyday I am thankful that you have come into my life, and hopeful that you will be in my life for years to come. And so I paint this picture with my Pen to illustrate what you mean to me, and I feel that these wild, vivid, crazy, regular, irregular, different words that I have wrote, that you have inspired, that I give to you, show you all of what is inside of my heart and soul. There are so many things that make you perfect for me and make me love you more each day. I love how we can have our own opinions and even bicker about things but just as easily get over it and not take it to heart. I love how you are open minded to everything esp. to my crazy musical tastes. I love how you start to like some of my hip hop songs; meanwhile I start to like some country songs that you don’t know the names of. I absolutely am glad and love the fact that you can be yourself and make goofy faces and just act like a weird, crazy, nerdy, dorky person just as much as I can. I love that were honest with one another and if we do have a problem or something we need to yap/bitch/talk about we at least try to do that. And I know with all of these things that I love and cherish, I know that we will last, and we will be together. So I hope you accept this Love Letter/Poem that I wrote to you with my deepest emotions, deepest feelings, and deepest thoughts. I hope this makes you understand. I hope this makes you feel good about what we have. I hope you can be with me forever. I truly and fully Love You.


Through (more of a poem)-

Through the regular days, through the hard days,
Through the days where you don’t wanna talk to anybody,
Through the drama of people either family or friends,
Through the crazy and hazy dreams,
Through the 6:30 morning alarm clock wake ups,
Through the stomach aches and feet hurting,
Through the missteps and the mistakes,
Through the quarrels and the unevenness,
Through the interruptions and talking over one another that we do,
Through the waiting you had to do for me, for us to get to this point,
Through it all…there’s you.
I dreamed of your face last nite, and how you make me feel,
Then today, I woke up,
Got in my car, and started driving to work like I’ve done a hundred other times,
But something happened,
Sitting there in the relaxed routine of a early morning car ride,
I paused in my habits and looked over at the empty passenger seat,
It made me sad for a slight moment, but then I realized something that made happy,
Now there are always different descriptions and interpretations of it,
But I think for that brief, surreal, and defining moment,
In all of its simple weird awkwardness I realized that I do,
In my own feelings and my own definition of it,
I love you.


And that's just 2 of the many poems I have written over the yearsn, these two are very straight forward and are serious cause I am serious about the way I feel about ym girl ya know, real talk no b.s.

If you werent into that than its all good, but I have plenty more where that came from and I prob will do this once a week maybe to kind of put out some of my work for you guys to read.

Also dont worry nothing is wrong with me and my girl we are great and dont worry I have no intentions to doing a Owen Wilson, I'm a happy mofo trust me. Enuff with the seriousness I'll holla at you cocksnots later.


--Tankus Maximus.


ian/thoreauly77 said...

exactly what i'm talking about man. it's good to mix it up you know? congratulations on you and your love.

Tankus Maximus aka MTF(mark twain fame) said...

thanks bro...appreciate it man...someitmes you gotta get back to being a white boy who is hella in love and puts that shit on the pen and pad...ya know. ha peace

Cali Rob said...

Finally back to work huh? I been outta town for a week and was hella surprised to see you did something.(J/K) Anyway did I miss anything while I was gone. DX did some weird shit with the comments section. Oh yeah, them Chargers looked good yesterday. Bout time! Go Cowboys tonight.

Tankus Maximus aka MTF(mark twain fame) said...

yeah DX did some weird reverse order shit with the comments...thats what is makin me me pissed about DX...they need to go back to the original format...nothin much ahppended rob...same ole same ole...go Chargers...

CyberThugz said...

Sup MTF... Stay up!

Tankus Maximus aka MTF(mark twain fame) said...

whut up sho thanks.

Big Homie said...

Interesting post homie. Props.

Tankus Maximus aka MTF(mark twain fame) said...

thanks bh...

The-XFacta said...

Where's the new post???

Anonymous said...

...Read my "The Emo Files: Facing Your Mortality" post. G'on, I'll wait.

Back? Okay.

That's the kind of positivity I'm talking about. I applaud you for being able to express all that in an inspiring, accessible way--and I also applaud you for having the courage to post that.

I enjoyed both poems. I hope those mushy emo feelings never fade for you, good sir.