Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Two posts in one day?! way!...go 'head test him for steroids.

Yep back again...

Figured I'd drop a lil bit more of my writing. Ahhhhhh school ties...

I Think Love 4Got About Me?
Im not sure but I think Love 4Got about me?

Love was the absent-minded mother that left me

at the super market,

It was the uncaring teacher that left me

out at recess and didnt come looking 4 me,

It was the busy parent that left me sitting

on the school stairs and didnt pick me up,

I left it 4 messages but It didnt call me back,

It was the unfocused student that left me

at home when I was due that day,

It the stupid kid left me in the couch and

didnt even lift the cushions to find me,

It left me stranded alone with no hope that

It would remember me.

Maybe I need to be that string wrapped

around Its finger to remind Love that it

4Got about me.

Joshua "Tank" Thompson
Copyright ©2007 Joshua "Tank" Thompson

Scars of Disappointment
Disappointing yourself is like a stab in the arm,
But disappointing someone else is like a stab in the heart.
It hurts, it's sharp and deep, it's eternal pain,
Something you can never fully recover from.
It's piercing through your flesh quickly, Without warning,
but once it's there it is there for eternity.

Joshua "Tank" Thompson
Copyright ©2007 Joshua "Tank" Thompson

Damn this shit is from when I was 16...jeez. And yes thats my name get over it.

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