Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Boo Bitches!...Happy Halloween, I got a stomach ache already.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............oh hold up, ohhhhhh that's his real face.

I'm going to be jumping around randomly on topics today so sorry if the subject suddenly changes drastically from line to line, keep up. But first lil kiddies and ghouls, since it's that day of stealin pillow cases of candy from 11 year olds I figured I would drop a lil list of the top ten best horror flicks. They are in no particular order, but I def have to start off with a all time favorite and classic, and the one that made me shit my pants more than once when I was 9.


-Rosemary's Baby

-The Shining


-Silence of the Lambs

-The Exocist

-Last House on the Left




Also I wanna say to all the teenagers and young adults, you still trick or treatin, then I'll smack the taste out ya mouth, shit is for the kids, either chill pass out candy, stay inside and watch some movies tec, or take yo ass to a halloween party and get on a sexy nurse or whatever. And if any of you cocksnots try toi egg, t.p., ring my doorbell, I will be waiting with my buddy Louiville to crack some skulls like Principal Vernon. Anyways moving on, I wanna send a shout out to my homie Rey from, Uncle Rey or Rey The Hussein to most, for his latest blog post(even though I wanted to stab a dinner fork in his eye) talkin about the movie 300, Marvel comics Wolverine (by the way...Wolverine >>>>>>>__________), and those shitty "funny" movies; Epic Movie and Date Movie. Def check his site out, if your into Fall Out Boy, Kanye West, anything 80's, Scrubs (top notch comedy), and random Emo Moments of Clarity. I might wanna shake him violently but dude has the best random blogs *jealous face* lmao. Also big ups to ya for letting me know about Pearls Before Swine, shit is hilarious bro. Matter of fact any of you that have'nt checked out any of my links below, esp the personal blog sites, you, Lost(no boring ass ABC show).

And I know myself, and mostly everyone from Nah Right (click the link down below on my links), and a few DX peeps have had a chance to listen to some reral good music from "Cha' boy!", some music that is real "Gangster", and I have to tell ya, it's a return to top form for the big homie. All the people that know what I'm talkin about I say this, Fallin' > rest of the tracks on the album, oh you mad?

A quick review on Quentin Tarintino's Death Proof (1/2 of the Grindhouse double feature): shit was dope.
...the cars, the car chases, the crazy and sometimes long Tarintino-esque dialogue, and the funky 60's and 70's rock/soul music soundtrack(It's got The Coasters and Joe Tex on it!...) that was played throughout the movie was awesome. Def great, and I heard through reviewers and people who have seen the movie that this is the better of the two Grindhouse movies, but I still gotta see Planet Terror cause I'm a Zombie finatic. But def check it out.

Well thats it for now...check back tommorow or Friday for a few more posts, dont worry I have a slight second wind, or it just might be those hot fries and that kit kat bar I had at lunch.


--Tank, BlueInGreen

**(Random Fuckery at it's Best)


88andup said...

whats real tank, great post on the real though. Touched on a lot of stuff, and you know i had to do it but...

American Gangster>>>any hip hop album this year, hands down

Brillyance said...

as far as scary forgot "Stiptease"...that shit was hella scary. That and Gigli....if I seen that shit on in the middle of the night I'd probably start screaming.

The Great Commmunication=The Undisputed Truth>American Gangster

I don't know, I like AG, but I just don't know. It's probably one of my favorite mainstream releases, but recently I haven't really been feeling the mainstream as much, it's like the decrease in record sales is fucking with people and underground/indie artists never sold records so they just don't give a damn and aren't bothred by it.

I dled Death Proof and Planet Terror and haven't really watched either. They're sitting right next to "We Own The Night" and the same damn copy of "I think I love my wife" amongst the movies I never watched.

Tankus Maximus aka MTF(mark twain fame) said...

I feel ya 88...(nh)

Tankus Maximus aka MTF(mark twain fame) said...

Aww shit got my homie Brill commenting on the blog, nice. I need to see that we own the night, and yeah the AG is good, but I do love that Unisputed Truth and the Somobe...yessir.

amanda said...

hey there.

Notorious T.R.E.E said...

What's up MTF it's been quite some time. Nice blog but a few of those movies wur suspect.

American Gangster>>>any hip hop album this year, hands down..... NO I don't think so.... 88 why you like Jay so much? Disregard what happened today and just answer me that at least. U love Jay a lot and I wonder why?

Tankus Maximus aka MTF(mark twain fame) said...

zup Amanda...

zup tree, no hate on my blog you cocksnot

what movies were suspect?!...shoot I'm a grown ass man, I know I dont get down with the butt pirates so I'm good with the whole suspect homo stuff bro. real talk.

also AG = top 5 albums on the year.

88andup said...

@t.r.e.e.- um, again, i dont love Jay, but his album is out so ima speak on it in its current state. I do the same when common, ye, talib, ugk, kast is about to drop, so in december, when wu tang, nas and countless others drop, i'll speak on them the same.

@MTF- its all good fam, no beef on ya blog man, i respect this joint. Me and tree exchanged some words on Dx but nothin outta the norm, you know how it is...

Tankus Maximus aka MTF(mark twain fame) said...

all good 88, and yeah I was just messin with the no hate what you do, defend each of ya opinions...aint no ish.

Notorious T.R.E.E said...

Damn aint no hate nothing but love for all of you guys. At least you can respect good music unlike some of these people now a days.

MTF why u calling me a butt pirate? Low blow damn and I was trying to show some love to ur jump.... Jeez I just don't like some of the movies.

88 your telling me blu's new LP isn't better then AG? Granted it's in a whole different categorie (main vs under) but shit, i'll take below the heavens. I like AG but I like his past work more. Ya and I hope WU can come hard i'm with you.

Tankus Maximus aka MTF(mark twain fame) said...

tree...I aint call you no butt pirate dork...I was sayin I dotn roll wiht the butt pirates in a sense that me = no homo cause you said some of my movies I listed was suspect, I was mostly just giving you shit ha...all good, I appreciate the comments bro...