Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sorry for the hold up on posts...slackin as usual. What else is new?!

Sorry peoples, I have been slacking, busy, sick, and just plain ignored the blog for the past week or so. Hey like I said my blog is random as hell, and I have no correct or set order of when I will post, so my bad to my "many" "avid" readers.
To make up real quick for a lack of posting on this here blog, here's a few videos and random items for your enjoyment.

Best of Terry Crews:

Terry Crews on My Wife & Kids:(I remember my homie Wes showing me this scene at his crib, he had this on his DVR and he kept rewinding and playing nonstop for like a half an hour while crying so hard from laughing, def classic, WHUT UP Wes!)

A lil bit of katt williams for the Pimp Chronicles on HBO:

one of my favorite comedians ever, Louis C.K., hilarious 10 mins:

one of my favorite scenes from Lucky Louie:

And a few goodies for ya (no Ciara):

GetBack - Little Brother

*cough* movies!!!...*cough*

Don't worry I'm sure I will be posting something decent soon in the near future sometime in my lifetime. I'm sure it will be something about books and some more of my writing. Peace and big ups to everyone that likes Nas and hates Fox News Channel and their blatant close mindedness.


Cali Rob said...

I love Nazz. Ha. Naw for real whats up with HBO not doing a second season of Lucky Louie. That shits hliarious. And two posts in one day, dude you feelin' okay?

Tankus Maximus aka MTF(mark twain fame) said...

yeah I'm a posting fiend!...ha thanks for the comment bruh, and yeah HBO done and f'd up with the cancelastion of Lucky Louie and not picking up Deadwood for the next season...they done and messed up.